Add Mask AI into And or Remask into Photo AI

[Please describe your idea and how it would be useful to you in your workflow.]
In the Portions that use masking Needs TriMap Keep Delete Compute
Values Can be Color Range,Chroma,Luma Hardness for mask.Have Fill for Keep Delete Compute Have Color picker for same.Intersecting areas can be compute(Red intercept Green).

I’m not sure exactly what you’re describing here. How do you envision this improving your workflow? I’d love to pass your idea to the rest of the team and discuss.

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The Mask could have Sharpening and Artifact removal and For Diagonal Lines Curves.
Fill Button For mask.
Shapes Can be used As Quick Mask Area.
Also to can have a Edge Detect(Raw Duplicate Changed to a Black with White Edges) Sharpening And Artifact Remove here,You Could also Have This Done in a area also.
In the Host processing In ProPhoto P3,Rec 2020 for a wider color Gamut.This Gives more color to work with.The above are Examples.
Internal Ones need not be visible but used to develop the photo.
The Idea of Mask AI is to have TRimap to make a precise mask for Letters,Subject, and area.The mask can be used to Mask out or select area to process .