Add governing system tray app to notify for updates

I would like to see a system tray app that runs at boot time and/or at least once a day, depending on system up time, that can notify me if an update is available for my licensed Topaz products.

I would rather get the latest gigabyte downloads to update my Topaz products on my fast home network rather than out in the field or while on vacation. Alternatively I know that I can just turn off all the automatic updates and update things when I finally remember to look for them (possibly many versions later). Because the updates contain bug fixes and feature enhancements, I would think you would want your customers to have the best experience with your products.

Having a small lightweight app that just check and notify would be helpful. This update check app could also present a Update All TS products/Update Individual TS product, or “Update all my Topaz products in the background and don’t ask me again mode” and update it in the background instead of the update process we have today.

In some workflows Topaz Studio2 is activated as an external editor from LightRoom. But if and update is available the user is asked if they want to apply it. Saying No, means that you might be missing out on some new cool feature, Saying Yes, leads you down the update rabbit hole and derails your thought on why you wanted to use Topaz Studio in the first place.

I just think it would be a more proactive move to ask to update at boot time before you start getting into the edit process. TS can still be updating in the background while LightRoom starts and you are uploading your images from the card. It’s allowing Topaz Products to stay updated while Adobe products aren’t using the CPU cycles and Internet Bandwidth.

Updates are notified when you open a Topazlabs Product …

Updating at startup wasn’t the point of the post I made. It was to keep the product updated at all times in the background. Not to get derailed that a new huge megabyte update is available when I’m trying to edit an image. Especially when it comes up every time I start the app.

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I’d find acceptable a small applet you could run to list the version numbers of the Topaz products you own (with perhaps the latest version numbers information too). Or perhaps this could be stored in your account information.

It’s always jarring to start an app and then be told there is a new version available, even if you dismiss the update in order to press ahead.