Add framerate conversion preset multiplier values in the GUI - 0.5x 2x 4x etc

Can we please get frame rate conversion preset values in the GUI such as 0.5x 2x 4x etc. It’s not difficult to calculate what 2x 29.97 is but we shouldn’t have to do this, just give us the options to 2x the source frame rate etc.


The (possibly more serious?) issue is that if you’re talking about NTSC, the frame rate isn’t exactly 29.97, but 30/1.001 = 29.970029….

I don’t know if a practical difference exists between 29.970029… and 29.97 exactly. But if there is, then I assume that just typing “119.88” (4 × 29.97) into the FPS box (the drop down box has an option for 59.94) isn’t quite the same as a hypothetical “4x” option applied to NTSC frame rate, since 4 × 29.970029… = 119.880119….

Agreed, just giving us the option to double or quadruple the source rate takes the guesswork out of it.

The only thing I use right now it x 2.5.
So maybe an alternative drop-down with the times by values. Ability to type in the exact value like the other drop-down menus would be best.

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