Add enhancement features to compete with Magnific AI

I am in the design world, so I know what a lot of designer workflows look like. I like Topaz Labs, so I want to suggest the team focus on one thing in particular: Make photo enhancement more like to compete in that market. Right now most designers are not using Topaz, they are either using the Midjourney (Generate) → Magnific (Upscale/Enhance), or, since Freepik recently bought Magnific, many have switched to Freepik to generate, upscale, and enhance.

As far as output goes, nobody comes close to the upscale quality of Magnific, as they have figured out how to significantly improve the finer details of an image. Blurry hair is given increased realism, skin is given texture, etc. However, I think Topaz can potentially compete if this is prioritized. I think this would be a worthwhile endeavor.

I agree, regular upscale is one thing, but the way magnific does it, is insane. I rarely use Gigapixel anymore since Magnific.

I 100% agree, I would be great to have the insane quality of in Topaze tools.
The idea of being to activate an hallucinating upscale with creativity graduate settings would be awesome.
I also find confusing and redundant Gigapixel and Photo AI, they could totally merge into a single Still Image App.

Magnific really can do a great job, but I think this is a bit different approach to upscaling. It is perfectly useful on AI-generated images (i.e. not-real images), as it generally generates totally new parts of an image, using the main image in the same way as descriptive instructions. So new parts are very often quite different from the source image. When it comes to the representation of real images, then we just don’t want to see something completely fictional and different from reality, we’re looking to upscale the source image, not to create something that looks roughly similar. Of course, I am aware that any increase in resolution with the help of AI means the creation of new, previously non-existent content. But Magnific takes too much creative freedom for that :slight_smile: