Add Basic Video Editing

I own both Topaz & AVCLabs Video AI and at least in my experience with both,
Topaz wins hands down as far as speed and qualtiy of AI models goes. I don’t
use AVCLabs anymore it’s just to slow even using it with NVIDIA GeForce RTX
3080 it’s just very slow and lacks quality.My question is in future versions would you consider adding the ability to add contrast / brightness / color / saturation adjustments to make correction on some video files that may need
them, or even sell it as a plugin to Topaz Video AI?

If “Rotate (vertical<>horizontal)” Brightness, Contrast, & Hue are added to Video Ai (GUI) in the future, Video AI enhancement will be more efficiently. These features will benefit our work.


Exposure,Smart Lighting,Camera Color Profile Support ProPhoto Support.

Look at the stats in raw digger like over Exp and under Exp.
Photo AI can look at the above stats to make decisions to do.
Rawdigger sees the exposure:)

The ability to make exposure compensation on old grainy footage would be a clear improvement in relation to competitors.
Today different tools are needed to first compensate the exposure level, before upscaling/enhancing.
It would be better to have this done as part of the AI enhancement.

I think the idea is good, but the feature is more complex that it seems. You have to manage curves/levels, then add color channels, and so on… This is a big feature.

Please :wink:

Not necessarily with the AI function - even manual mode would be very usefull.