Add Auto-FPS, Auto-Video-Type, Artemis for Interlaced files, and more

Could these features be added?:

Auto-FPS, so the frame-rate your file is currently utilizing is figured out for you.

Auto-Video-Type, so I know whether to process a file as Progressive, Interlaced or Interlaced-Progressive.

Artemis option (specifically Aliasing or Moire, which I find to be the overall BEST quality-to-wait-time option) for files imported that are Interlaced or Interlaced-Progressive?

And how about the ability to load a Preview independently of how many files you’re currently Exporting, please?

Lastly, Please bring back the ability to select as many of the Exports at a time as you wish, rather than having to right-click each individually, and Left-Click being an Auto-Open option. (Maybe a checkmark field on the side of them).

FFmpeg’s idet filter is a useful tool for identifying whether content is progressive, tff or bff. Idet can re-tag untagged frame metadata - which is very helpful for a subsequent deinterlacer.

idet also has some rudimentary RFF detection for identifying telecine content - although it does not tag RFF in the same way as it can for interlaced content.

It is not great for identifying mixed/hybrid content where progresssive, interlace and telecine may all appear in the same movie presentation - since these can vary by scene. The frame-tagging helps, but is not perfect. MPV has some old code that wrapped the idet filter with some basic heuristics - but the script probably needs some love (convert to python script, use FFprobe json to for individual frame analysis). I hear QTGMC is better, albeit slower.

As for detecting frame-rate, FFmpeg’s vfrdet filter can be used to measure the PTS cadence - since with the growth of mobile capture, vfr content seems to be more common.

These typically require a first pass / analysis pass and interpretation - although idet can be used as part of a chained filtergraph using Topaz CLI.

$ ffmpeg -an -dn -sn -i "${infile}" -filter:v idet -f 'null' -
$ ffmpeg -an -dn -sn -i "${infile}" -filter:v idet,metadata=mode='print' -f 'null' -

Of course, these are not exposed in Topaz GUI, but idet is included in Topaz’s FFmpeg binary distribution.

If Topaz were interested in auto-detection, analyzing the output of idet would be a good starting place.

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Sounds great but it’s too advanced for me. I do currently use MediaInfo app.