Activation failing

After a month not using Video AI, I noticed yesterday when starting it and after it did an update, Video AI asked for renewed activation.
Clicking the activate button, takes me to the activation page, which immediately tells me, activation was successful, however after the browser closes, Video AI tells me I don’t own it?
Checking in on my Topaz Labs account, I can see no purchased products or previous orders?

So I’m pretty sure this is an account issue. I have not changed anything on my working system.

One post in this forum describes a similar problem experienced with Photo AI (June 11), but that user could see his purchase on his account info.

I have contacted customer support, but 8 business days reply time means I can expect a reply August 7.
I have tried activating with windows Defender deactivated, same result.
Am I missing something obvious?
Windows 10

Maybe you purchased under another email address if it doesn’t show as a product on the account page for that email address.

I wondered that too, but I did make this account in February and then downloaded the trial, bought Video AI in March and it just activated my trial version the moment I made the payment. Never given it much thought? I’ll have to wait and hear what support says.

Solved. Turned out I used a different email when I purchased the software! That my version of Video AI did work for months under a wrong account is the mystery. Support was helpful and fast.

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Hi there, please reach out to support, this is not a tvai bug.

I did take a quick look at your account and see Topaz Video AI listed as owned and UTD. Double check your email and password that you are using!

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