Acrylic on linen--photo-edited

I wonder if anyone knows the process for creating a watermark in an image…I am using a preview window and typing in text…I would like to be able to change the opacity of the watermark, or signature to fit the nature of the photo.


Very colorful!

Regarding your question, which editor are you using? Typically you would put your watermark on a separate layer and then adjust the opacity.

Try _Picasa. It is free from Google. You have varied type styles and can change colors and OPACITY of the type.

Google has discontinued Picasa so be careful where you download it from if you chose to go that route.

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Easy in LR because it does it for you - and as @Kathy_9 suggests put it on a layer and use it that way. If you use PS or PSP you could create the watermark as a clear based PNG file and just add it as you wish to whichever image you choose.

You are right and wasn’t aware of it. I have it and it comes in handy on occasion.

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I use photoshop and just made my watermark in B&W and created a brush preset for it. I just select it from the brush panel to apply it. You can resize and change the opacity or color.

I do any watermark I wish to add in the same way as John but I believe Shazzy has done a tutorial for Studio in making a watermark. It may well be in her YouTube stream. If not I think she posted it on here but finding stuff here is slightly more difficult I find.

I use the Text Tool to make a “© Jack Torcello” 1024x720 jpeg or PSD and then add that as a layer onto my photos. Use blend modes lighten and/or darken - you can make the logo white text on a black background, and use Invert to make it black text on a white background. The Move Tool allows you to position it where you like.

thanks…i like this one

I adore your material about photography, it is always so useful to me.

I have been using PhotoLogo to do mine… you buy a custom made logo that you design and they send you a file… I place mine on with the Photolog app and it is fully adjustable including colors

Very nice shots. Continue to celebrate the photography