Account Confusion

First I get an email telling me I haven’t checked out the stuff I put in my cart.

Then I get this when I log in, I get (oh hang on I can’t post a screen grab here?) I decided then to post on forum and went round in circles trying to find how to post and had to search forum on how to post a new topic (apparently I am not alone here)

I have had your products a long time, I have upgraded in the past, but not in the last couple of years because the whole system has become confusing with products changing names and in bundle and out of bundle confusion.

I can only assume the email telling me I had added items to the cart but not checked out has been sent as a disguised marketing ploy.

Hi, This is a user forum, so when you say “You” you are addressing fellow Topaz users not staff!
I think you need to take a look at this thread, which was initiated back in Feb by Topaz CEO, and which still has many contributions.

By not logging on to your account for ages, you may have missed out on what upgrades might have been available to you before the new policy was introduced. (I don’t believe there was any alert to users by email). If you contact customer support you may find them amenable to some sort of compromise. And then it’s up to you whether you pay to upgrade after your year of free ones expires.

Closing this thread as it has nothing to do with a user to user forum, raise a support request at the main website please.