Accessing Sharpen AI Ver 4.1 from Lr Classic

The updated Ver 4.1 working as a batch process but from Lr Classic I just get a new file name and unchanged (sharpened) image immediately appearing in the Gallery. I’ve re-installed the program, rebooted the M1 Apple laptop already with the same result.

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I have the very same issue with a Sharpen and Denoise.

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I had the same problem, but with an Intel Machine. I’ve reinstalled the plugins multiple times with no luck. I then deleted Sharpen AI as well as the Lightroom Export Preset (and a few other, old export presets, too) and reinstalled both again. This worked for me.

Worth a try here…Thanks
I’m hoping someone from Topaz tech support responds. Sounds like I’m not alone with this problem.

Yes, I have had the same problem. I tried running from the standalone version for photos already in Lightroom Classic, and the same thing happens. Very frustrating. I wish they had a user manuel.

Same here - pretty sure this is a bug with 4.1.0.

I used to be able to drag a picture from LrC onto the SharpenAI icon in my dock (I’m on a mac) and it would open SharpenAI, then when I was finished it would save the file alongside the old one.

Now I do the same thing, and after it’s done rendering the file SharpenAI quits immediately and the file was never saved.

What does work for me, as a workaround, is opening up SharpenAI first, then dragging the picture from LrC into SharpenAI then going through the regular save process. It’s annoying to have to change muscle memory though!

Same thing. I have downloaded and reinstalled this tool so many times since buying it a couple of months ago, I am beginning to look at alternatives. 4.1.0 does not seem to have a working LR plugin. Invoking the app through “edit in” just makes a copy and when I try to sharpen manually, the saved output image disappears. Running a folder synchronization in LRc finds the image, appended with “sharpen” in the file name, but the image is the original with no sharpening. Unfortunately none of the workarounds in this thread have worked (M1 max 2021 16"). I bought this software solely to review it for an article, and it is looking like a very short article.

I think that’s more of a LrC problem - I recall reading that LrC has a limitation that “Edit In” won’t allow editing RAW files directly…

I have never had an issue using it to load .tif files saved back to LRc from PS into any of my other plugins, including Gigapixel. In fact Topaz specifies using that command to access the plugin from LRc. I should mention that all my images are stacked (Zerene) before being edited. I have never tried to sharpen a fresh import (RAW/DNG). This is always my last step, if I use it. But thank you for this interesting fact - good to know.

Topaz SharpenAI (v. 4.1.0) won’t open when I invoke it from Lightroom Classic. I have to open it manually then drag the image on to the icon (Mac, 12.3). Yes, I’ve done “Install Photoshop Plugin” from the Help menu. Please advise Topaz!

Same issue here, I’m on an M1 Pro. I’ve had to delete the current version and subsequent folders. Download the current Sharpen.dmg from the website which is version 3.3.6 and just not update it. Not ideal at all, but the ‘edit in’ function does work this way in LR Classic. I hope there is a solution for 4.1 asap.

Same issue, using LRC 11.2 and Sharpen v4.1, tried 10 times all different ways

Didn’t mention MacBook Pro M1

I believe my problem was trying to go to Sharpen 4.1 with a RAW file. This was for demonstration presentation I was doing to a local camera club. Using a Tif or working directly from Ps I have no problem. Thanks for pointing out the use of a RAW file. I use Denoise AI first in my normal workflow and sharpen only at the end.