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[quote=“JoeFedric-TL, post:1, topic:43, full:true”]
Impressions 2 not loading presets in Lightroom or Photoshop. Just getting Black Screens (Red Screens with Impression 1). Then when I try to cancel the operation, it hangs up on me. It doesn’t seem to be a graphics driver issue as, per the specs, my computer is well within them. Also running latest versions of Impression 2, Lightroom and Photoshop. Images in Lightroom are on an external drive, but the problem happens even when launching from the Desktop. Plenty of memory (32 GB) and Apple OS Sierra 10.12.5.

I think this category should remain and it is important as long as technical support is supporting it. There is so much going back and forward with problems that are not tech related and I really believe we do need a dedicated tech base.
The category is for people with tech issues that have to be solved with techs. Other people can give advice, but it can be the wrong advice.

How is it different? = professional advice.

Topics - open.

I think we do need this category - especially for newcomers who do not know what to do when things go wrong - as they do.

Merging is a possibility, but when newcomers come in they go straight to support. Perhaps we should create a category in General Discussion that leads people with problems with tech to Support - a link perhaps. [Click here]

Glory be…I’ve had a hard time finding this category and I’ve been on the forum for years. Just not terribly active for a while.

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Aa I’m having trouble finding how to start a new thread in this area… here it is.

I have downloaded the new Studio and it doesn’t recognize me. I updated my password and it won’t recognize that either.

The latest beta said I didn’t own it and only had a 30 day trial. Since I was going through some medical issues I didn’t question it.

I have the original Studio (owned) and I know I’ve had credits from previous betas that I haven’t used.

I used to know how to start a new thread…had it changed or is it just me.

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What does Save All do?

I imported an image. I have three duplicates in the bottom window all with different effects. Save All seems to do nothing. I have to select each one and so Save As to get it actually saved.

I am unable to install Topaz Clean, Clarity, Detail or Remask 5 as plugins for Photoshop 21.1.2 since I installed Windows 10. The only filters that will install are Adjust, Adjust AI, Denoise, Denoise AI and Glow 2. Any help would be appreciated as I paid for these filters but they are now unusable.

Im using Video Enhance AI on windows 10.

Whenever I set my gpu as the main renderer, it crashes instantly. When i use my cpu it works fine.

Any ideas why this would be happening?

There seems to be very little help here. Is there any place to go for swift help? I have deadlines so it makes it difficult to have to wait a day or more for an answer. There’s an issue I need help with and I can’t even see how to start a thread.

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Hi, this is my first post. Sorry if I am posting in the correct thread but I cannot find how to Create a new thread.

How do I post a new topic? Chrome on Macbook 2017 Monterey. Thanks.

I feel like an idiot, and my reply does not belong here, but How does one add a new discussion? Obviously I’m logged in because I can reply. But I do not see any button or menu item to “add post”. Can someone share a screenshot where this might be and then I will delete this reply? TY