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To me, General Discussion is a starting point that resonates with all

and I have just seen that is one month later. Sorry. I wasn’t available then.

Hi Joe
I’ve been trying to find some basic information about Pre processing raw images prior to using Topaz filters, for argument sake I use Camera Raw to process most of my images, is this a necessary process before using Topaz filters.
Have been frustrated with the limited about of info about this subject
Some advise in thi matter would be appreciated

Thanks Mark

General Discussion is a very useful category for instance for Thanking Topaz Labs for their generous treatment of their customers.

For example I want to point out that they are making some of their best, newest AI programs available free for those of us who have purchased similar Topaz programs in the past. For example AI-Denoise, which is probably the absolute best Noise Reduction program I have ever used (I have used virtually every major program), was given to me for having purchased AI-Clear (which is a Studio Plugin), as well as another program for based on having an older slightly different version.

Few companies, pass up a chance to up-sell a newer product for additional profit. Topaz Labs however, appreciates it’s customers more than an immediate profit, and thus earns customer loyalty in spades. This is not something new, Topaz Labs has always had a similar, outstanding, habit of doing such things.

It is no wonder that I like many other customers, recommend Topaz Labs to all who will listen not only for their excellent products but for their generous treatment of customers.

Thanks very much Topaz Labs !


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