Ability to add/edit basic Metadata text

Related to this one http://discuss.topazlabs.com/t/suggestion-exif-information/4206 by @DonaldGallagher.
Although I suspect that rather than editing EXIF, he really means editing the image Metadata/IPTC info.
See for example https://www.photometadata.org/META-Resources-metadata-types-standards-IPTC-Core-and-extensions on what the various sets of possible image metadata are.

I would like to see an at least rudimentary way to add basic metadata to images, especially saved in .TSP files, then passed on to “exported” final images…
For basic textual info, such as Caption, Headline/Title, Description, Keywords/Tags, copyright.

I always use TSP (Topaz Studio Project format) to save my funky creations. Just as I would use PSD files in Photoshop. So I can step back into the creation process for an image and continue working, or find the “now how did I do that” from another older image project. I only export to a real image format when really needed. For the final image; upload/print/… .

This presents the extra problem that I cannot use other software to manage metadata at all… At least not for exported (in Topaz parlance “Save As”) images that might be re-imaged/re-saved with later image changes, which would then totally clobber any independently inserted Metadata when the PNG/JPG/TIFF file is overwritten.

So this is a request for Topaz Studio to be able to edit and maintain at least the basic metadata texts and transfer them over (from say the TSP project where they were added into the PNG/JPG/TIFF file when converted (Save As).

Since a number of upload locations have the ability to read and use metadata to pre-fill their information fields, having the image already contain metadata helps a lot. In addition to being able to maintain basic editing or process commentaries. Something that is not currently possible in Studio, except by maintaining external notes.

Given all the posts I see here and in the Topaz Facebook groups where people say “I cannot remember what I did”, I suspect that I might be one of not too many that actually use TSP files and do not merely save back into the original format. :slight_smile:
Because if saving projects in TSP format, there would no such thing as “I can’t remember how I did it”. :slight_smile:
Only if the resulting “art-work” is saved only in a final image format would one lose that process info.

BTW. I highly recommend switching to working with TSP files.