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EOS M50, EF-M 15-45 f/3.5-6.3 IS STM (M50 Kit)
JPEG OOC - nice results from the latest Canon offering.


One of natures artist. Very sharp image. Never understood the mirror less cameras.

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With a DSLR light enters through the lens which is then reflected off a mirror in the camera body that bounces light into the viewfinder. When you click the shutter, the mirror flips down and exposes the digital sensor, which absorbs the light and captures the image.

With a mirrorless camera there is no mirror which means that with the mirrorless system the viewfinder image is created electronically either using a screen and/or a electronic viewfinder called an EVF.

But the more simple streamlined design also allows for a considerably smaller and more portable device and gets rid of other annoyances such as having to micro-adjust lenses for the effect of the mirror on focus, as focus is handled by the same sensor as takes the image.

Lenses are also smaller as they can be closer to the focal plane of the sensor … but the major difference is the difference in weight and form between mirrorless and DSLR.