A View of Bangor

Chruch steeples dominate the summer skyline of the quaint town of Bangor, Maine USA.

Digital illustration I created using Photoshop CC 2018, Topaz Studio Impression and ArtRage 5.0.

Reference was a photo I took in Bangor a few years ago. The distant birds I painted in.



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great image but the PP has left artifacts around the spires

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What a great photography !

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el48tel TERRY - Many thanks for pointing out the artifacts. Does this look any better?

Cheers & many thanks…

Think you may have made it worse! There’s a boundary between “photo” sky and “Impression” sky ---- try a softer brush - brushing the hint of “photo” sky into the “Impression” sky.

added later …

OR make another layer image using a finer brush from same preset and soft brush that in

Sorry but now you have completely lost me… At first I thought you mentioned the church spires. Which I believe I corrected. But now I have no idea what area you are talking about…

Sorry ---- we are talking about the same thing - the spires.
The area from your paint in has a sharp edge around the spires - where the original artifacts existed. So there are two ways of overcoming this with layers
method 1 – put the original in a layer over the Impression layer and use a soft brush to lose the artifacts
method 2 – make another Impression of the image but use a smaller brush size in the settings or narrower or shorter. Then put this in a layer over the old Impression layer and use a soft brush to lose the artifacts

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Ok…thanks kindly. That helps…

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