A test with media mix software: "À la Vincent Van Gogh"

Today i have shot this picture of a flour mill at Saint-Eustache, Québec.
I would reproduce my photo as an impressionist paint.
I use the trial copy of Media Chance Dynamic Auto Painter 6 and Topaz Studio Adjust AI.
Tell me what u think !


a lovely transformation

I also have Dynamic auto Painter 6 (DAP) and it can do a good job while allowing you many choices and settings. Your painting looks good. I did a landscape painting today with it as well.

Excellent! Very Vango’ish.

Very creative results! Quirky UI (DAP).

Is there a global opacity slider?

Very nice

The layers tab has the ability to add the original image and then you can use a slider to blend it in. Also the Retouch tab has a clone brush so you can do selective blending .

Looks like only the Pro version has layers? ie not the Home version.

Yes, you are right Artisan-West, the Pro version have layers and PSD export.
Here a screenshot from their site

Very nice capture and great use of the painting program