A test with media mix software: "À la Vincent Van Gogh"

Today i have shot this picture of a flour mill at Saint-Eustache, Québec.
I would reproduce my photo as an impressionist paint.
I use the trial copy of Media Chance Dynamic Auto Painter 6 and Topaz Studio Adjust AI.
Tell me what u think !


a lovely transformation

I also have Dynamic auto Painter 6 (DAP) and it can do a good job while allowing you many choices and settings. Your painting looks good. I did a landscape painting today with it as well.

Excellent! Very Vango’ish.

Very creative results! Quirky UI (DAP).

Is there a global opacity slider?

Very nice

The layers tab has the ability to add the original image and then you can use a slider to blend it in. Also the Retouch tab has a clone brush so you can do selective blending .

Looks like only the Pro version has layers? ie not the Home version.

Yes, you are right Artisan-West, the Pro version have layers and PSD export.
Here a screenshot from their site

Very nice capture and great use of the painting program

You also need to be aware that the Mac version runs in “Wine” software (‘translates’ from Windows to Mac), but some aspects don’t run nicely (especially if using the full version of ‘Photo Reactor’ from the same company). I have much better luck using the Windows version of DAP but running it on ‘Parallels’ software (does a much better job of translating it but you will also need Windows software too). Sounds complicated but does a good job when you get used to it!

I do a lot of my work through the interplay of Topaz and DAP.

I agree @petegunnell-56539,

And because of that, DAP for mac will not run on Catalina currently (see link for mac info)