A test for one of my new membership to this Topaz Labs Forums

Hi, i am a french quebecois in Laval, near Montréal in Québec Province.
My firsty language is french. So, excuse me for my relatively poor English.
I like very much the Topaz Labs presets and i work with it in Photoshop Elements 15
and Lightroom 5.7. I bought the bundle of all presets some years ago. But i have a lot
again to experiment with it…
I try the new Studio and i begin to realize that is a big improvement for my workflow
and the Topaz Labs plugins.
So, i decided to post here my first photo in this forum. Thank you for viewing
and comments are always welcome when they are constructive. Pierre.

I use here my Panasonic FZ1000 and for the Topas plugins: “moon” and “vignette”


Salut Pierre,
my French is not very good either :slight_smile:
Welcome to this forum

Very nice capture, colours and bokeh

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Welcome, and this image is a very nice introduction. Look forward to seeing many more.

Thanks !

Welcome to the forum… this is a very nice capture and result.

Very nice work …

Welcome Pierre! Sorry my french is really bad … this is a wonderful result - sharp, crisp and beautiful bokeh …

Welcome Pierre. Nice work on the image. By the way, your English is much better than my French.


Welcome and great results. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.:slight_smile:

Very nice - welcome!

Thank you all ! I appreciate your comments very posititive ! I will post other of my work in this Topaz Forum :wink:

Welcome Pierre…A lovely image.

Off to a great start. Beautiful image!

Welcome to the forum - that is a superb macro shot

Bonjour! C’est tres jolie! (I have a little French, better at eavesdropping than speaking! ) Absolutely great artistry, love how the background harmonizes with the subject.

Welcome to the forum! Great capture and very nice natural processing!

Very nicely taken and processed. Great use of the background.