A painting, a piano and an empty church

Capture One Pro, Topaz Studio


Very nice, interesting capture!

I am not sure the painting goes with the rest of the church…

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Ken, this church is no longer a church. They will renovate it to be a cultural center for concerts, exhibitions, theater etc. The nave is almost completely empty.


What are the little white boxes that appear on the alter, and why is there 2 white outlines on the 2 paintings? When viewed larger, it seems that the areas in the white outlines are clearer & richer than the rest of the painting?

John, the ‘little white boxes’ are kind of post-it stickers. No idea why they were there. As I mentioned this church will change its designation. The only thing I had noticed was the white square but only when I opened the RAW images at home. I checked those RAW images but cannot confirm that the areas are clearer & richer… For a moment I even thought of a malfunction with my camera but I shot almost 400 images that week and none of them showed these white lines or boxes. Anyways, here is a cleaned version of the image (I left the post-it stickers in) :wink: The reason I took this photo was the strange combination of the altar, the modern painting, the piano and the reflections of the tiles on the piano’s front.

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Thanks for the explanation, maybe the post stickers are markings for areas of repair?

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