A model to use AI wizardry to enhance scanned sheet music

I just wonder if you folks are unaware of the GIANT market that exists for some solution to AI enhancement of scanned sheet music. My workflow often involves reworking old music that is scanned from photocopies. Ugh. Usually a mess and a half! Some AI wizardry here would be amazing. I envision a model that knows all about musical notation/symbols etc. and can “see”, for example, a “B flat” through the haze of a few photocopies and scans and can rework it into something crisp and clear. Doing that for all the elements on the page would be a seismic shift akin to what you guys already do for colour photos. Nothing like this currently exists and man, oh man is it ever needed!

My brain is struggling to see how this could be a GIANT market. Isn’t sheet music reproduction a copyright law violation for 70 years?