A message from my heart

Save and protect our wildlife


Very nice capture, such a cute family!

What sweet little creatures. Love the processing and the message.

Very nice processing results and color.

Thank you (ALL) for your motivating comments. Three weeks ago, we had a young skunk on our rear deck. It was eating cat food. When we when out on the deck, it continued eating. Then it walked around on the deck among us. It was so cute. We reside in the Texas hill country, northwest of San Antonio.

That’s a great looking image…nice capture.

So, aren’t skunks notorious for lifting their tail and spraying you with stink? Or is that a myth?

Skunks are notorious for lifting their tail and spraying. I guess that this one has been eating with cats and learned to trust them. I guess it did not fear us as we when out on the deck. I have a video of this.

I’ve only ever seen the cartoon skunk on TV. I didn’t realise they looked like this… very cute.

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These are Possums but the baby Skink was so cute also.

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And the title was save and protect our wildlife. I think the message got lost in the cuteness. So I would like to say that it is so important that we get involved and protect our wildlife. Apathy will see extinction in animals.

In Australia, Koalas are endangered among so many others. Koalas particularly are endangered by cutting down their food source. Eucalyptus trees. They also get injured by going in search of food because their main food has been cut down to make way for housing developments.

Sometimes they end up at the door of residential developments - confused. Thankfully, in Australia we have the facilities to rehabilitate injured koalas and other native animals, but it should not come to that.

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