A little something from the air that Studio helped along with


A very nice panorama and scenery. Where is this car show shot from?

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Hi John, This image is 5 images stitched together. The location is Wallkill, NY and is approximately 90 miles North of NYC. I took it from my Drone at 100ft up.

The next day I did another Drone image at the same height and include it here for your review as well. The Location is Montgomery, NY just a few miles away from first image.


Hi Herb, I wasn’t sure of the location of the first image but it did look like the Hudson Valley to me, that is why I asked. We must be neighbors of some sort because I come from Rockland County and Wallkill is not too far from me.

I enjoyed both images and do go to some car shows locally at times, mainly in Pearl River, Suffern and Nyack where the local club Rockland Rodders participate. I enjoy taking pictures at these shows and at times have sold a few of my digitally processed images to some of the car owners.

How did you hear of these shows because I’m always interested in attending others I may not have been to?
Thanks for provided these images and info, have you just started taking drone shots? Maybe someday our paths may cross at one of these events.

Hi John, I am the Show Chairman for these car shows and a few others. I run the Rhinebeck Car Show that is in the Spring (2 1/2 days) and Locust Grove car show as well as a few others. If you are on FB then send a friend request and you can see most of the car events that I either run or go to. I do all the poster work for these events in case you have seen them before.


Thanks for the info, I’m not familiar with the shows you chair. I don’t belong to facebook, do any of these show listings appear on any website? Congrats on doing the poster work for these events.

Here is a good start https://www.hvcruise.com/

See you there

Thanks @HerbL I’ll check out the calendar and if I attend one of the shows I’ll let you know. It would be nice to meet you.
I forgot to ask… do have a car that you enter in any shows? If so, can you post a pic of it?

Here’s one.


Gorgeous looking car and color, one of my favorite models. You must have won some award for this beauty?
Sounds like you own more than one? I love processing car images, do you have a image of this one with the hood down? I would love to be able to work on this image if you have one with the hood down and can provide a larger file of it, if you didn’t mind? If not, I understand.

Well the car certainly has won it’s share of trophies, here is a 12ft trophy for Best of Show.

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Very nice series of photos!

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Here is one without the hood up.


I’m sure it has won many… I’ve never seen a 12ft trophy given at a show. I guess you won’t be taking this one to a show to display with your car as most drivers do. :grin:

Thanks for the image and allowing me to give it a try with my processing. I’m not sure which one I’ll use yet until I see the challenges they may present? Thanks again for the image, info and discussion, I’ll inform you when I post my results.