A.I.Gigapixel 1.1.1 for Mac - App Hanging/Force Quit

(Ronney West) #1

After having added an image and began processing, then Canceling, the application gets caught in a ‘loop’ with a spinning ball. I then must Force Quit to exit the application. Have others encountered this?

(GregoryY) #2

No. How long have you left it spinning for before you chose to force quit? It may be because the GPU cache has a lot of information to clean out, so needs time, if cancelled late in the piece. Not that I know a lot about this type of stuff, lol :dizzy_face: Just like to think I'm smarter than I am. :grinning:

(MyronL) #3

I think I had the same problem with the previous version. After a couple times I just let the program (AI GigaP) run and went off to practice the piano. Yup, it finished successfully. I never left the cancel spinning ball go 'forever', so I don't know whether it too would have eventually completed.

I can't say about the current version. It won't run at all.