A few experimental images

Sorry for my prolonged absence but the reno has taken much longer than planned — so it was the photography which had to suffer. In between paintbrush cleaning and etc etc the other afternoon I thought I’d try a function on my camera I’d not used …

So here you have three of the five double exposure pairs taken between 14h19 and 14h22 in my garden. I was not permitted to have more than this as a workbreak.

All criticism both negative and positive accepted gracefully


Nicely done …that last one is really cool looking.

Looks like you did something useful during your 3 minute break.
Like no.1 and 3! No. 3 is almost psychedelic - back to the 70s

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Really nice Terry.

Interesting stuff

Terry - you are on the right path - Very nice.

@RatRodStudios @Laundromat @ellemat2 @Mond @Bluemoon5
Thanks for your positive comments - experiments WILL proceed - got some other stuff to try as part of an on-going series of projects
I may be allowed a couple of minutes tomorrow!


A very nice series and experiments accomplished in such a short break, hope you can continue to add some fun into your workday.

I’m hopeful but not optimistic for today since there’s too much to be done. But I have had a promise and reassurance for time tomorrow.

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All are great Terry, number 1 is my favourite !

Thanks @OldGuy2

Very cool Terry! I especially like the 3rd.

@Michigander - thanks for the comment
AND to all of you guys who visited and “liked” — that’s enough to keep me trying

and the stats on the reno
50 litres of emulsion paint
5 litres of undercoat
4 litres of gloss paint
1.5 litres of specialist wood paint
1 litre of specialist metal paint
5 rolls of wallpaper
2.5 litres turpentine substitute
2.5 lites of brush cleaner
15 assorted sockets and switches
11 luminaires

not to mention carpets and curtains and window blinds etc

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