A Diva's Christmas Carol 1080p Upscale

Upscaled from dvd copy. Will do another run when the director sends the raw footage.
–Note-- the director who wrote and directed this movie uploaded the footage to vimeo.


Looking rather good. What VEAI model did you use? I see a few artefacts but they look like combing artifacts leftover before the video was upscaled.

Used gaia-hq from 1.6.0
Will do another run with 1.7.1 today.
Got the prores-hq file a couple of hours ago.
Just need to create a avisynth script for deinterlacing and run the script in veai.
The video file i got is around 42 gig. 720x480.

New version has replaced the old 1.6 render.
New 1.7.1 artemis hq 8 render is the current one.
Very happy with the results. but the dvd had some telecine issues.
“random” 3:2 pulldown artifacts causing double frames at random times.