A "default" menu option for any effect, look, etc

One of the thing that has been a bit annoying Studio and other Topaz products was the inability to select “my looks” or equivalent to be the default when opening the app/plugin. 99.9% of the time, I don’t care about all the other “canned” items loaded
with Studio, I only want to see my presets, effects, looks, or what ever they are called this year presented or my favorites. One should not have to always select my effects or favorites every time when opening the app.


So you are suggesting that that be a Studio 2 Preferences Menu list item? The ability to set the Default Category that Looks opens to… From among (just to keep it reasonable - All, Favorites, My Looks).

That’s what I mean. Those three options would be fine. That way, when I select “Looks”, that preference choice would be presented and also be at the top of the dropdown listing.

That would help now that Studio 2 acts like a plugin when opened with a “Open with…” from another application which now causes it to close when done and then reopen again the next time.

Studio 2 should offer in “preferences” the ability how the app individually starts.

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I am not a programmer, but I suppose another alternative to a Preferences Menu choice is just to make that Looks view “sticky”. So it retains whatever view you left it on last. My personal vote would be for a Pref Menu selection as somehow feeling more reliable for ongoing use…