A Bit Of Added Light And Background

(Flick) #1

(BobKramer) #2

A real beauty Flick …

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(Peter) #3

Beautiful image and treatment

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(John) #4

A beautiful image and results. The background and added lighting are very nicely done.
What did you use to add the additional lighting?

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(Artisan-West) #5

Beautiful work flick. Perfect lighting too.

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(Don) #6

Beautiful result …

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(Michael_Andre) #7

This is so gorgeous - tremendous processing!

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(Flick) #8

Thanks very much for your kind comments, Bob, Peter, John, Artisan-West, Don, and Michael_Andre. They are much appreciated.

John, the lighting was done with several different Light Leaks in Studio Textures.

(Xiao Lin) #9

Beautiful, delicate, and natural! My kind of photo.