8mm/Super 8 video?

Can I use Video Enhance AI to improve scanned 8mm/Super 8 video?

Yes, for course. Want me do a test run on a short clip of your scanned material? :slightly_smiling_face:

I have more than 20 Video 8 and MiniDV tapes to convert to 1080, starting by capturing the original tape footage using Elgato Video Capture to MP4. Can anyone offer advice about what works best? Which AI Model? I have Premiere Pro and After Effects and NeatVideo Noise reducer add-in. Is there a best workflow? Upscale with Enhance AI first, then denoise, then make other adjustments (Lumetrie color, etc)? Or, make the original converted video better in Premiere Pro, and then upscale using Enhance AI. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

I had some some MiniDV tapes and I upscaled first creating a large HQ file and did final edits and rendering from Vegas. Normally Contrast/Brightness, Colour correcting, sharpening. Just don’t over cook it!

I’ve been using it to upscale and clean up 320x240 VHS quality video, so I would say so!