$72 Deal and new pricing


I’m a Topaz Labs user from day one!

I received the mail with the $72 deal and went to my account to discover that the bundle I paid for $99 was gone and now I had to pay $99 a year for Photo AI updates and $79 for Gigapixel updates!

No way I’m going to do that! What is Topaz Labs management thinking? That the Topaz users are some kind of idiots that except every move of a schizophrenic company.

No communication, changing the rules during the match and promises that never hold…!

I was surprised to receive the $72 deal, but found out soon that it’s a way of keeping the Topaz user silent.

$178 a year? I can easily afford it but no way I’m going to pay it for just 2 plugins. It’s really getting out of hand!



Quite frankly, if you have PhotoAi, you don’t need Gigapixel as well.


I have purchased many Topaz products.

And currently my dashboard is showing that I can purchase PAI-2 for…

$199 (same as any new user).

@rayinsanmiguel Hi,

Good luck with using Photo AI to enlarge images!

I hope you have noticed the difference between GigaPixel and Photo AI!

Photo AI is created like those everything in it stereo systems, if one component breaks it breaks it all!

Photo AI is constantly having issues and disturbs everybody’s and my workflow big time. Updates appear with a minimum of 1 time a week and more!!! Do you find that normal? We are beta tester who have to pay to join the test!

I happend to have purchased GigaPixel that is now suddenly removed from my package and presented as a separate Application with a separate price!

If it’s the same (as you are saying) why is it not together with Photo AI in the same package?
Because Topaz want’s to squeeze every penny they can out of the loyal Topaz users!

Also Gigapixel has a much better workflow then Photo AI without all the other stuff distracting you all the time.