7.2.1 GigaPixel AI doesn't recognize jpegs or tiffs

Running 7.2.1 on a Macbook Pro with Sonoma 14.5 and since I updated to 7.2.1 the images are displayed incorectly when I drag&drop them in the main view >

Original image>

The same goes with the exported file >

Tiffs have the same issue.

Which is the issue, please? Should I revert to an earlier version?
I have tried both CPU and GPU - here are my iOS and Graphic Card details >

Thank you,

Hi Cristian,
This is a known conflict that our Gigapixel team is working on - are you able to import other images successfully?

We are seeing specifically monochrome/grayscale images creating these weird results.

Please check in a day or so once we make an update - this version should resolve this issue.

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Hi Cristian!
Have you been able to update to v7.2.2?
We believe this issue is resolved in this latest version.

Hello Esther, thanks for the heads up, it was solved, indeed!

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