7.1.1 Shows All Images As Thumbnail Size

Upgraded from 7.1.0 to 7.1.1. Now all images show as thumbnail resolution and are unusable. Reinstalling 7.1.1 had no effect, but reverting to 7.1.0 corrected the problem.

What shows the thumbnail size? Could you send me a screenshot of what you’re referring to?

Is it the file size dimensions inside of the app or of the processed image?

When an image is loaded, the “Dimensions” display in the upper right corner of the window displays numbers that are roughly 1/10th the actual size of the image. If the image is processed, the result is a blocky image of the size indicated in the “Dimensions” display - a thumbnail. I’ve already uninstalled 7.1.1., reinstalled 7.1.1 with no improvement, uninstalled 7.1.1 and installed 7.1.0 which corrects the problem, upgraded back to 7.1.1 which recreated the problem, uninstalled 7.1.1 and reinstalled 7.1.0 which is working properly. I’d have to go back down that path to produce a screen shot that would only show what I’ve described. My preferences set an output width of 2048 and preserve original resolution. Any ideas?

No ideas so far. Were there only certain images that caused this for you? This is my first time hearing this at the moment.

Nope. I checked several images under 7.1.1, just to be sure. Your initial response led me to assume that my case was isolated. So, I gave in, took a screenshot of 7.1.0 in operation and hit the upgrade button again. Again, the upgrade appeared to proceed normally. This time however, the error was not reproduced! I rebooted the machine, and 7.1.1 is still working normally. I’d love to tell you that I ran chkdsk or dism and found some Windows problem, but I didn’t do anything, and I don’t think that I’ve gotten any new Windows updates. It just worked this time. I’ll file this one under Random Windows Tricks and wander away. Thanks for getting back to me.