60fps to 25fps Realtime Frame Rate Conversion Information


I’m just looking for a bit of an explanation really…

I’m about to begin a large project where I will need to convert many fast moving clips from 60fps to 25fps to playback at regular speed not slow motion. Topaz advises use of the Chronos Fast model, however, I’ve been getting what I believe are smoother results with Apollo (albeit with some relatively minor artifacts when pixel peeping).

Could anyone shed some light on the reason for this and if they recommend any other settings instead?


Sounds to me like you don’t need TVAI at all for it. Just convert to tif images then back to video at 25 fps. (And in the case that I misunderstood and you just want a 60 FPS clip to now be 25 FPS, Chronos Fast should be fine, but also you could probably just drop frames and get good results.)

If I recall what has been said about the frame interpolation models correctly:
Apollo creates 8 interpolated frames between every two frames no matter what. All unused frames get dropped. In my experience it comes out the cleanest, unless there are duplicate frames. Then it regresses the motion enough to be unacceptable.

Chronos Fast is made to correct or keep motion going from one frame rate to another. I’ve had the most egregious artifacts come out of using this model.

Chronos Slomo is meant to create slow motion interpolated frames out of normal low frame rates. I find it to be about as good as Apollo for artifacts. The main way I use any of the interpolation models is to slomo ~24 fps movies to then re-encode them to ~60 fps. I’ve never gone the other way around.

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i think you will have sound sync issues if you down-frame it from 60 to 25