480p to 1080p with natural detail- Fake or Real?

In case anyone missed this:

The OP said Video2x and VEAI was used.

I haven’t had time to investigate further. I got stuck during the install when the docs mentioned needing Visual Studio for building something. I have no idea, I went to bed at that point. The OP hasn’t returned to outline the process and I can only guess it was a fake.

I’ve only seen that much detail by using Dione and a json modded VEAI 2.3.0 and Huffyuv 2.1.1 DS, using a high quality 480i DVD video, but never with 480p.

With some 480p DVD videos, I’m able to get an artifact free 576p to 720p using DioneDV modded for progressive (my Killer Upscale model), and other 480p videos I have to use Artemis HQ or Proteus due to artifacts.

Before the Killer Upscale model existed, I did two 480p DVD movies to 720p using Artemis MQ and HQ v9, but they had slight artifacts (if I add real film grain, they possibly won’t be visible).

So the OP’s video, fake or real? If real, does anyone understand how to get the process working?

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This is looking like a Fake…
I’m think it’s currently not possible to get such a unbelievable Enhancement with that bad Source-Footage :wink:

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I agree, what surprised me the most is at the level of the road when the singer is on the ground, the stones etc, for me it is impossible … There are far too many details and they are well done… For me the 1080p source we see is the original

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