4 way comparison view

In 2.6.4, there was a feature, where user can enable 4 views. You can select a view, apply AI Models, and compare views with different AI models rendered. Is it a good idea to bring this workflow back? I didn’t put it in idea category because I am not sure whether it is a good or bad idea. Wanna hear your thoughts on it. What kind of workflow makes more sense?


This has been requested countless times since the new UI was released. If that doesn’t sound like you should bring back the multiple preview, then I don’t know what will convince you. I just ask you, don’t make more stupid decisions in the development of the program, removing the multiple preview was already one of them. The multiple preview feature is the most useful feature ever, it saves a lot of time and that’s the most important thing in this kind of software. Removing the multiple preview has only caused users to have to wait several times for the complete process of the same video and then make the comparison for ourselves… So please… return this function at once!!!


Hi @sergiohzph I am a novice user, now I am struggling how to find out the best AI model for my video with the latest version. Can you tell me why 2.6.4 is better than latest version?? What is the “most optimal” flow for 2.6.4?? I may consider download that version.

Use Proteus always, and adjust it to your needs.

Hi all, we are working on a 4-way comparison view, however, we have to iron out the preview behavior in general since previews are still out of synch.

Please just totally and utterly bin the way previews currently work. It is totally unusable. Please just go back to the way it worked with 4 up view.

I can’t state strenuously enough how bad the current preview system is. It simply doesn’t work in any way. Please please get rid of it. It’s such a PITA to have to render everything full length full res for multiple exports and then check back in a different program.

Again nothing about the current preview system is worth keeping


Hi rufus, thanks a lot for ur comment!! For 2.6.4, you have to render 3views + 1 original at the same time, do u see this is a drawback? it may take some time, and there is nothing else can be done when rendering.

Yup when you could quickly preview 3 versions + the original, that was brilliant. It was very helpful for comparing the different models and settings. Please can we have that functionality back?

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Comparing two preview are not easy because it blanks while loading the next - I need and A/B comparing I can swap back and forth quickly
Am I missing something here?

This is a feature our team is prioritizing for a release in the next quarter, we definitely see the need for faster A/B comparison between models.

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Hi @henriksen.thomas Good idea, I am novice to this software, now I am struggling to find out which output corresponds to which filter I set, How do you figure out which output <----> which filter?? Any tips?

I’ve said this too many times to count. This ‘new’ and ‘improved’ version is a downgrade! I want less comparable information, said no one ever!