$350/year, $30/month, to stay up to date? That much?

Hey folks…you make good products, but because you have so many (which confusingly have many overlapping features (sharpening and noise reduction are everywhere)), paying $50/year each to stay up to date…well…that’s a lot.

I have 5 products (out of a max of 7, not counting Video AI), so that’s $250/year, or approx $20/month, to stay up to date. And this is on top of my Adobe expenses (not your problem, but it’s a reality for many of your customers).

Anyway, yes, you guys deserve to make a good living, but I just have to say that it’s a very sad day otherwise…do the upgrades really have to be $50/year EACH?


Currently only 4 products are subject to yearly upgrades … $49.99 each or a maximum of $99.99 for all 4.

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Well, I am more concerned about the one year extension cost of VideoEnhance AI which is currently 199 $ each year. That is twice that much of what a friend paid for the initial purchase and 120 % of what I paid when I purchased.


Which 4 products? Only Sharpen AI has bugged me about upgrading. Also, where did you see the $99 for 4? (And I’m wondering why Sharpen AI’s upgrade dialog box said nothing about 4 for $99.)



Thanks very much. Got it.

This page: https://topazlabs.com/pricing/

says it’s $99/yr.


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Not on my end. Still at 199 $ / year when I put it into the shopping bag:

Then I would suggest you contact support (help@topazlabs.com) and ask them to explain the discrepancy. It is true, however, that on a single per-product basis the upgrade cost is approx 66% of the purchase cost - which would put the AIV upgrade cost in this case at ~$199 all else being equal. But, since the upgrade cost for all four AI products, as a bundle, is only $99 perhaps they envisioned adjusting the single VideoEnhance cost downward. I would ask them to stick to what they have posted.

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Right jgr, I will contact the support team again. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just an ordinary user. I’ve been using Topaz for many a long year at this stage.
In the end Topaz sharpen is the only plugin I use alot.
I think its very good.
The rest of them are so / so.
I think 99$ a year to keep them up to date is too much.
I think its poor value for money.
Adobe have a current offer for a monthly cost not much more than that.
They won’t stay in business at that price


I have a special black friday offer of instead of $99 a year its a special $98.19.
I can also buy the special bundle for $299 instead of $932.92
Lucky I don’t have to pay full price as that’s equivalent to 7 years Photoshop / Lightroom.
I think in general they have a pricing issue.
There is alot better value out there.


If you don’t want Video Enhance AI the bundle is 199. And there is no comparison with Photoshop and Lightroom as neither will enlarge videos or images and noise reduction and sharpening is far superior in Topaz products.

Remember the offer is for the bundle, if you don’t use everything don’t even consider it and if you compare make sure you are comparing to the same products.

And when you stop paying for Photoshop and Lightroom … you can no longer use them to process your images.

I agree to AiDon. Video Enhance is a bit special. Also Gigapixel, even if there are other applications who more or less try to do the same. The other Topaz products I am not so sure if. They all are named AI but that does not necessary mean anything. :slight_smile: