3 Versions

August evening at Badlands NP. LR into Studio and several plugins and adjustments.

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They are all great Scott but I like the first one the best. :slight_smile:

I agree

Have to go with No. 3. Like the contrast and detail.

number 1

no. 1 for me

The first is my favorite as well.

Number 1 for me too !

Thankyou everyone. @cruzinova57 @Ricci @Michigander @aldussault @Laundromat @Kathy_9 @OldGuy2

I think I’m in the #1 camp too, though just ever so slightly. :slight_smile: One of the things I like about having Studio in my workflow is being able to use things like the HSL color adjustment separately from Impression. I found it very useful on this version as well as the other two.

I was happy how this version turned out too. Hard for me to truly choose my favorite between #1 and #3. It’s one of those images that works - for me - both ways.

I processed the sky and formations separately in #2. I’m happy with the sky but need to play some more on the formations. I’m still searching for an Impression technique on formations like these that I consistently like. But that’s where the fun lies in using all these tools.

Thanks again and best regards

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Nice work, Scott. I like the first one.

Thankyou. Seems like #1 is the overwhelming favorite.