2X upscale on 576i content much better visually than 2X upscale 480i content

I tend to buy several DVD/BD from the UK (PAL 576) in addition to US (I’m located in US). When I convert the UK DVD with PAL 576 for use on my media server (MakeMKV) at home, and then run it thru 2K upscale with DioneTV setting for interlaced, the resulting output is incredibly good visually (playback is on a 4K TV with Plex client fed from UnRaid media server with Plex server).

BUT, when I do the same on NTSC 480i the result are better but not as good as PAL 576i. I realize 576 is more resolution, but not enough IMHO to make such a huge significant visual quality difference after 2X upscale.

Anyway, huge thank you to Topaz development team for such a wonderful product and bringing to life older content.

Cheers, Rob.

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Possibly not only PAL more resolution, maybe also more video-bitrate, so the base have more quality to work with … and will be aint better with correct deinterlacing Cheers

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It must be because there is more resolution to work with.
All my DVDs are NTSC. It’s usually a fight to get them to look just right in FHD. But any movie I get that’s in 720p. Proteus Auto or Gaia will make it FHD without any trouble.

Pending the recording quality on the DVD, Dione TV will sometimes generate too few color variants so the content looks like a cartoon or adds detail where there should be none (letters). It’s certainly not perfect, but it does come out better than original content.

I wish there was a slider that would allow us to reduce how aggressive Dione TV is with source … I don’t mind it being a little softer.

Agree on using Proteus/Gaia for 720p or higher.