2020 Adobe MAX Announcements - New Ps, Lr, etc. Features

Adobe MAX (this year it’s a virtual conference) is the time of year when Adobe announces it’s big annual product updates. This year was no exception. There are 2021 annual updates to Ps & Lr in both their desktop and mobile products. As well as updates to other products in the CC suite.

Here are a few sources that explain the newest Adobe photog-related updates that were just announced at Adobe MAX:


Adobe also provided some “sneak peaks” of work that’s under development for users to react to. Examples include (this is not the full list):

  • Sharp Shots” - a feature that will help deblur videos & still image captures
  • Scantastic” - an app that lets someone use their phone to capture an image of an object & convert it into a 3D model
  • Material World” - an app that lets users take a pic of actual material with a phone then converts it (using a type of depth mapping tech) to simulate the actual dimensional fabric
  • Physics Whiz” - an app/feature that makes it easier to re-arrange 3D assets quickly & easily (almost as if just moving them around by hand) in a 3D interface (like Adobe Dimension or Ps’ 3D interface)

Some of the educational & announcement oriented MAX sessions may be recorded and accessible for viewing after the event. Others, with celebrities or special guests, won’t be.

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