2 Seat License Implementation

So I’m a Mac guy, excited to hear about the speed improvements on 3.1.

I understand arguments from both sides about license expiration for this major upgrade. Regardless it is what it is now.

I unfortunately, bought my software, where the last truly useable version was 2.6.4. Now to move on to v3.1 (of what I really feel should be called version 1.1) I need to renew my license.

I’ll deal with it but the question that has not been addressed is when the 2 seat policy will be enforced.

As far as I have seen, I’ve never had an issue running more than 2 Mac Minis in the past.

If I buy 3.1 - will I now be limited to 2 seats? Or will it sneak in at some point?

I just need a clear timeline on this and if there will be multi-seat discounts?