1934 Duesenberg Model J Convertible Sedan

Created from a photo of this freshly restored 1934 Duesenberg parked on the street in Auburn, Indiana during the 2010 ACD festival. Owner Dick Shappy invited my brother and me to ride in the car during the downtown parade. We will be forever grateful for that opportunity and for his kindness. It was an equally unique experience watching this car “drag race” down the Kendallville Airport runway during the festival. Dick Shappy…“Get some rubber out of first.” Gotta love a guy like that!


Classy and beautiful …

Cool ride

Wonder how it would look if the effect was brushed out on the car?

Great artwork, very fun video!

Wow, could be a calendar print.

Very nicely done and I like how the bkgd treatment enhances the car.

now that’s a great treatment for this image

Thank you to all who commented on the Duesenberg.

Beautiful car and image! I really like your processing!

Very nicely done!