15%here and 15% There?

Hi, being on a pension as income and Ex servicman in the UK I always try and find the best deals before I buy software/s and from what I can see Topaz Labs discount/s are always 15% so two questions (1) Do they over price in the first place? (2) do you ever get more than a 15% discount code anywhere?

Hi Russell, as for question 2, during Topaz product launch specials and holiday sales, you can save an extra 15% off the discounted price here (ie, double-discount :wink: ).

I bought my original topaz package years ago at Black Friday sale and got 50% off … that may have been in more generous times but might be worth the wait as I believe Black Friday/Cyber Monday maybe soon. Also often when Topaz hosts webinars there are often extra discounts offered to attendees

Yes thankyou I have used discounts from your site in the past.

Thankyou, I had thought about that and not yet pushed the pay button:smile:

Very good, glad to have helped you!

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Hi Russell! Our Black Friday deal is LIVE and we’re offering a 54% discount on The Everything Bundle! You can check it out here: Topaz Labs: AI Image Quality Software

Hi, Yes I looked at that but afraid to be honest dissapointed as I only wanted Sharpen AI and pointless paying $131 for three parts when I would never use two of them (Gigapixel and Jpeg to Raw)I thought Black Friday would have given options to what you want to purchase not what as I say is not needed in my case. Thankyou, Russ.

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