14 August - Windows 10 Security Warning

Note that there is a current malware vulnerability in Windows 10, make sure you remian up to date with Windows Update:


I saw this morning on the local news . I was under the opinion that OS10 was suppose to be the best OS without threat warnings ? Just proves that nothing is safe anymore . I still run OS7 but have a good AV and windows defender . Wonder how that will be effected ?

Ron, my son is a computer engineer for Microsoft. Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows 7 after mid January. Windows 7 is the least secure operating system popularly being used, and after January it will have no more support from Microsoft. Therefore your Defender program will no longer be updated after that time, and your system will be severely vulnerable to all sorts of cyber problems. As to this latest threat, your system could very well be affected by this new threat. This one is no joke. At the very least you should follow AiDon’s advice and download and install the security updates he pointed out. This will at least help protect you from this new threat, and you should be as safe as anyone can be nowadays until January.

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AiDon. I found that the two patches get auto installed if you just do a manual update yourself versus waiting for Microsoft to do the auto update. This installs version 1903 and replaces the previous 1809 version and includes the patches.
It may say “no updates available,” but if you read down the page you will find where you can update to 1903, which they are calling a “feature update” and this is the one which has the patches. Sounds like a good “feature” to have at this time.

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Thanks for posting Don. I checked my update history and it looks like I got the patch on July 10th.

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Thanks much Don! System updated

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I got a brand new tower still in box i bought a couple yrs ago which has OS8 on it . Ill be pulling it soon to replace my computer I’m using now . It’s just that i have alot of software on it and it will take longer for me to install all over again . This is just my personal opinion but i believe MS is behind all threats and has been since Bill started MS . Basically reason why i believe it is because if he didn’t do something to find out if his equipment could be hacked or effected by virus then sales would plumouth and people would stop buying new computers . Apple computers cost alot more but are not effected with these problems MS has . I got a yr and half til retirement . When i do I’m pulling the plug on all internet other than my cell phone . Then I won’t be worrying about updates and having to buy new equip anymore :slight_smile: .

I don’t envy you having to replace your computer Ronald. I did that about 2 months ago, and every time I do it I keep wishing they would just stop improving things in the computer world so I could just keep what I have. I still haven’t gotten everything reinstalled. I not only do photo and graphics but also Virtual Reality. I needed to get a lot more power just to take full advantage of the setup I now have. My video/graphics card alone cost me over $1000. My old one couldn’t possibly have handled what I now want it to do.

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I been putting it off until i had no choice . I started out with Mac , then ME , up to XP now OS7 with OS8 in the background . My wife has gad XP up to OS8 that she’s on now . Did the free upgrade to OS10 but she didn’t like that so rolled it back to OS8 . But all she does is FB and games and that’s all . I hardly ever edit now much less take pictures . I have all of Topaz programs up until they joined the iCloud then i stopped cause I don’t deal with iCloud . There’s a time in life that i have to stop and smell the roses instead of imaging them . When i think of all the money i spent on cameras and equip and software i think of that Alaskan cruise me and the wife could have taken or the trip to Italy for a week . That’s passed now so time to just enjoy what others are posting :slight_smile: . Updating the computer is just transferring or reinstalling everything over to new computer . Mainly it’s just time consuming :frowning: .


[quote=“ronlhodges, post:7, topic:11541”]
Apple computers cost alot more but are not effected with these problems MS has .

Don’t believe it Ron, nowdays Macs are affected and that is why you see many os updates.

Well i got my computer changed over to the new computer that’s been setting unopened for the last 2-3 yrs . Got alot of stuff to transfer over or re-install . I think i got everything copied over to an external HD i have but sure gonna take awhile . So far got windows updated , got rid of the McAfee free AV trial and reinstalled TotalAV which i have had for a year . Since I.E. wont updated anymore i’ve installed FireFox hoping to make things run smoother . But thing is someday in the future when i have to i can update to OS10 when i can afford the extra money . So for now hopefully i’m a little on the safe side for updates . Anyone having any problems yet ??

I don’t understand, how anyone could buy a brand New Computer and keep it unopened for couple years. Computers are changing daily and that computer that would cost let say $1000.00 is today $500.00 or less.
I know when I buy a New Computer is to be used right away…
Keep it updated and don’t download or go to unknown web sited to get stuff. That’s where virus comes from.

Joseph is very much correct. A brand new unopened 2-3 year old computer is actually now out of date. It doesn’t mean it is unusable and it certainly is better than an older still computer. It is a pain to upgrade to a new computer, but having a newer computer which is more powerful than your old one, is a positive thing.

Well i got a good buy hard to resist . It’s a HP Windows 8.1 with 1-TB HDD , AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon ™ HD Graphics 2.00 GHz , 8 gig memory , 64-bit, x64-based processor . For less than $150.00 at the time . Thing is i can wait it out now until i have to update to OS10 which works fine on this computer and i can find the OS for less than $200.00 for the Pro edition and least but last i can install it myself as i have done several computers over the last 18 yrs . And I’ll still be under the cost of a new unit cost today . Reason i waited so long is my old computer has OS7 which i loved and up until now had no trouble with it . But lately since last windows update had had problems with start up that i finally caved and took this other computer out and setup . The old one ran fine but i feel that Microsofts latest updates is what messed it up . Now i have disc to format and reinstall OS7 on the old one and it could be used as a great computer for games and any other work as long as it’s not hooked up to the internet . It would be just like a new computer ! But I don’t like being forced to have to do what i want to my computers but i know if your going to be online then you have to be protected but on my time and terms . When does MS stop supporting OS8.1 , that is the question !

On 14-April-2014, according to InfoWorld, “Microsoft TechNet blog make clear that Windows 8.1 will not be patched; users must get Windows 8.1 Update if they want security patches.”

According to an article published 14-January-2016 in Tech Advisor , “Support for 8.1 ended in August 2015. But[, mainstream] support for Windows 8.1 Update continues until January 2018.”

According to the Microsoft Support Web page for Windows 8.1, “… The lifecycle of Windows 8.1 will remain under the same lifecycle policy as Windows 8 with support ending 1/10/2023…”, and mainstream support for all Windows 8 products ended on 10-July-2018.

Windows 10, version 1803 reaches “end of Service for Home, Pro, and Pros for Workstations” on 12-November-2019. Windows 10 version 1809 reaches end of service on 12-May-2020, and Windows 10 version 1903 (current version) reaches its end of service on 8-December-2020.

Windows 10 utilizes, as of 25-January-2018, the “Modern Lifecycle Policy” where feature updates (versions) are issued semi-annually, and “…you should always install the latest feature update (version), before your current version reaches end of service, to remain supported by Microsoft thru monthly quality updates…”

So with OS8.1 i have until 1/10/2023 ? If so that gives me a little over 3 yrs and I’ll be retired by then and as i mentioned I’ll probably give up internet .

There is a difference between “mainstream support”, which ended in January of 2018, and “extended support,” which will end in January of 2023. You should research the differences and understand the risks as part of your decision making.