12-bit PNG output

I would like an option to output to 12-bit PNG. The current 8-bit PNG output can introduce or worsen banding. 16-bit TIFFs are what I mostly use but take up A LOT of disk space. 12-bit PNGs would not have banding issues and take up 1/5th the size of 16-bit TIFFs at 4K.

Although I don’t currently export to image files, this request makes total sense to me!


VEAI used to have TIFF with compression enabled (I think it was lzw back then) - which was reverted to uncompressed TIFF because of user requests who had trouble opening these files in their workflow.

a good example where listening to a few voices which scream out loud leads to a decision which affects more people badly than the number of people benefiting from it…

Either way - exporting to different colour spaces / Bit depths always is a good idea - a proposal to extend the export options has been mentioned somewhere else - the wishlist gets bigger, hard to keep them organised :slight_smile:


one thing that comes to mind that could help in some cases:

Switching on the NTFS Compression can at least help a little to reduce the filesize of the uncomplesse TIF16 Files… Not as much as the offline compression (introduced in win10 some versions ago) or content-aware compression (ZIP etc) inside the TIFF File itself - but I had good experiences in some cases where the extra 20% savings made the day… Dpending on the content, compression ratio goes from “none” to 60% of the original (in some cases even more, but only with older cartoons in rare cases… or black images in credit scenes and such…)

If running a NAS to store the TIFFs, sometimes even more capable compression algos are availabe, I had good success with some newer variants offered in truenas…

or - write a small batch file that continusly compresses the already written files in the background - either with the LZW File compression of NTFS - or convert them with xnview or similar to a TIFF16 with ZIP/LZW, whatever… Not comfortable, but can make the difference needed.

or we buy more HDs :slight_smile:

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Hopefully we won’t even need this when the new IO system comes out, but in case we don’t get better video output qualities then this should definitely be integrated, therefore you get my vote!


I agree! While saving a file It would be nice to chose the bit standard for PNG savings. Like a button for 8 bit / 16 bit (or 12-bit).

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Yes, I’ve wanted the ability to more selectively configure and customize the image color properties the app uses when processing and encoding each new output image frame, specifically I’d like to be able to manually select the exact color bit-depth, and bits-per-channel used (8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit etc…) and the color space of each output image/frame generated and encoded, as well as have more options for color spaces and potentially, ICC profiles if that’s possible, would love to see more true HDR and high-bit depth WCG color options and profiles we could choose for all newly generated/enhanced output images/frames.