12-bit PNG output

I would like an option to output to 12-bit PNG. The current 8-bit PNG output can introduce or worsen banding. 16-bit TIFFs are what I mostly use but take up A LOT of disk space. 12-bit PNGs would not have banding issues and take up 1/5th the size of 16-bit TIFFs at 4K.

Although I don’t currently export to image files, this request makes total sense to me!

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VEAI used to have TIFF with compression enabled (I think it was lzw back then) - which was reverted to uncompressed TIFF because of user requests who had trouble opening these files in their workflow.

a good example where listening to a few voices which scream out loud leads to a decision which affects more people badly than the number of people benefiting from it…

Either way - exporting to different colour spaces / Bit depths always is a good idea - a proposal to extend the export options has been mentioned somewhere else - the wishlist gets bigger, hard to keep them organised :slight_smile:

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one thing that comes to mind that could help in some cases:

Switching on the NTFS Compression can at least help a little to reduce the filesize of the uncomplesse TIF16 Files… Not as much as the offline compression (introduced in win10 some versions ago) or content-aware compression (ZIP etc) inside the TIFF File itself - but I had good experiences in some cases where the extra 20% savings made the day… Dpending on the content, compression ratio goes from “none” to 60% of the original (in some cases even more, but only with older cartoons in rare cases… or black images in credit scenes and such…)

If running a NAS to store the TIFFs, sometimes even more capable compression algos are availabe, I had good success with some newer variants offered in truenas…

or - write a small batch file that continusly compresses the already written files in the background - either with the LZW File compression of NTFS - or convert them with xnview or similar to a TIFF16 with ZIP/LZW, whatever… Not comfortable, but can make the difference needed.

or we buy more HDs :slight_smile: