Zoom out on Sharpen AI

I really like Sharpen AI. However, it would really be appreciated if you could give us the ability under Zoom to be able to view the file we are working on in full view to get the entire perspective on it before saving it. I know that you can move the square around on the picture to see it closeup, but a full view would be of great help.


If they put in that ability to see the full picture, the processing would be about the same time as when you do a save. This might cause a lot of heartburn for folks with slower computers when they zoom out.

It doesn’t when you zoom in, so I don’t see where zooming out further would
require it.

When you zoom in you see a smaller part of the image = less processing for the preview. If you zoom out you’ll need a lot more processing. A lot.

If you have Automatically update processing turned off there is no
processing as such happening when you zoom. Just like it doesn’t reprocess
the image when you move the viewing rectangle around if the Automatically
update processing is turned off.

If we are asking for new stuff I would ask that the developers either allow the software to remember what the last settings were when saving or provide for Preferences to do that. Every time I save a tiff I have to select No Compression, and I would like to have that as my normal state when saving.

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I would agree on keeping your save settings and not defaulting to the file
type that was opened. Also, as far as zooming, their 100% is actually more
like 3-400% zoomed to begin with. It would be nice if you could set a
default for that as well.

If you zoom out and don’t have update on then you will just see your original image without any sharpening. Then, if you update it will have to update the whole image or at least the part that is visible as both Paul and I explained which will be slow. If you have the whole image as the preview you would not see the sharpening well, anyway.

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If I open an image with Automatic Update Processing turned off, then I click on Update Preview it applies what setting I have selected on the sliders for that tab. I can then zoom in to either 200% or 400%, back out and there is no reprocessing of the image. It does not show me the original unless I click on original or select the split screen option. There is no reprocessing to do either of these as well. The entire image is shown in the box in the upper right corner. I can move the square around and look at other parts of the preview processed image and no reprocessing is required and I am looking at the processed image as well, not the original. So I see no reason why the entire image showing in the window cannot be an option as well instead of actually having to save the file in order to be able to properly view it.

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That’s not how it works at all - unless you have a different version from the rest of us. With Automatically Update Processing turned off, the slightest movement of the square reverts the image shown to the original version - that’s why the Update Preview button becomes highlighted - at that point nothing has been applied to the image and toggling Original on and off won’t have any effect. The same applies to any change to the zoom level. You can move the sliders or change the model without reverting to the original view, but you’re still looking at the previous setting until you update.

My apologies! I was wrong. The photo I was using during this discussion was in fact, so sharp that the change was not automatically obvious when I moved the focal square around and it changed it back to the original. I just happened to use a different file and there it was.

I would still like to have an option of full frame even if it does have to reprocess in order to do it. It would be less time consuming to have it reprocess than to go through the process of saving, then looking at it in full frame and having to delete it if you don’t like the overall appearance. While I understand that this might not be an advantage for those with slow systems, it would be for those who have fast ones.


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That has certainly been my experience.

agree super frustrating that you cant see the entire image!