Zoom in and out using the mouse or trackpad

Is there no way to zoom in and out the image just using the trackpad or mouse? I have to use the keyboard shortcuts all the time for this, which is not as efficient as just zooming into an image using a pointing device.

Currently this is not a feature in Topaz Photo AI, the keyboard shortcuts would be your best option as a workaround.

I will add this suggestion to our feature request list so that your input can be reviewed by the appropriate development team.

Your feedback is 100% valuable! We greatly value our users’ feedback and take each request into consideration when working on updates and improvements. It helps to give us more insight on what our apps are needed for, and ultimately what direction we need to take to fulfil that need.

Using a scroll wheel or thumb scroll to change the brush size would be really welcome here. I’ve got my mouse set to zoom using the scroll wheel and brush size to change using the thumb scroll. It makes me crazy sometimes to not have that option.

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