You say Hibiscus, I say Hydrangea - You would be right

For some unknown reason I always persist in calling this flower a Hydrangea knowing that is not correct.


Nice work Larry …

A beauty with great detail and treatment.

Thanks to you both for stopping to look and leaving comments.

Its either Malva or Hibiscus, not any type of Hydrangea! :slight_smile:

It’s a flower ---- and nicely PP’d

I like this one…stunning.

[quote=“Torcello, post:5, topic:674”]
Its either Malva or Hibiscus
[/quote] Definitely an Hibiscus, or so says my wife:grinning:

[quote=“el48tel, post:6, topic:674”]
It’s a flower
[/quote] I can agree with that

[quote=“digital2006, post:7, topic:674”]
I like this one
[/quote] Thanks Marty

Beautiful capture!

Did you use focus stacking?

Thanks @KenKv. No focus stacking. All was done within Topaz Studio utilizing a lot of blurring, sharpening and masking.

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I like the detail. Very pretty :grin:

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Thanks for looking.
BTW you may want to remove your email from public view. Most of put our first name or nickname in the name area in your profile. Just as a security precaution.

Thanks Larry. I don’t know where to edit it.

I like it. Looks like it is floating.

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you may have to click on an Expand Button to see everything. Click in the Name Field and you should be able to change you profile name that shows to the public. Just below the name field is the Email Field.
Hope this helps

Done, thank you :relieved:

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Whatever you want to call it, I like it!