Yes, We All Do Look Very Similar, But Will Still Cost You $0.75 Per Photo


That’s pretty cool Flick …

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thanks Don - Topaz Lens Effects has some quirky applications but every once in a while one just seems right

Flick, what a beautiful photo and it is very sharp. I can see the fur of the animals standing on end. Which program or programs did you use?


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Heather - this one was done with an application of Topaz Adjust, the HDR Heavy Pop Grunge preset with a number of changes, particularly in the Detail section, and that was pretty much it. Thanks very much for asking and I am glad you liked the result.

Flick, I am new to Topaz as I didn’t get on with Lightroom. How long have you been using Topaz and can you point me to a video so that I can achieve something nearly like your. Or perhaps another member might know where I should start. I don’t know my way around this site yet either.

I’m a little tired of seeing cute meerkats but you’ve taken it to a new level. Love the way they match with the background.

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