Yellow Star


Still experimenting with size ratios to see which best suits this new forum style. Can’t think why a quarter of the screen is cluttered up with date and time and a scroll bar, none of which are necessary.
[Edit] OK, I see they only appear on the IOS version, but the MAC OS version still blanks out the right portion of the screen even on a square format. Is this right?


I’m on Windows 10 and the right side of the picture is cropped as well. Also I think Topaz should have at least a small thumbnail picture of each entry instead of just a title.


Very pretty …agree with Ron, we need a preview image on all posts.


First off, Nice image Mond. But DON"T change your formats just to suit a web site. The site is what’s supposed to adapt to the art.

Secondly, I haven’t seen ONE positive comment on the new & definitely NOT improved look to the forum. I mean, this is still a GRAPHICS oriented sited isn’t it?

Keep squeeking all you wheels! Someone will pay attention eventually.

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There was a thread on this forum that was discussing the problems users were having but it was suddenly closed. The last thing I saw there was that this forum iteration was just the starting point and changes were being planned. Hope it doesn’t take too long.

I am not liking this new version. I liked the preview. Listen to your customers.

They are working on it Marty.