Yellow huts


Nice composition …

Great perspective and treatment. What exactly are they?

I’m afraid I can’t remember (I keep having to say that). Do you know if there’s a way to record each move for future reference?

@JeanieW - that’s a feature should should register as a request of some importance

Love the leading lines in this image

Was wondering what the yellow huts are for?

A very “British” tradition - they are “beach huts” - a place to sit out of the sea breeze within view of the briny - a place to don (or doff) the cossie - make a brew (tea - coffee - etc) - prep a sarnie (sandwich etc) - store the BBQ - keep the petanque kit - keep the other kids’ games.
They can be very pricey to rent per year - as much as buying a small car - some resorts are very fashionable places to “see and be seen”

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Petanque? I wouldn’t say that’s traditionally British :slight_smile: but a good description of the great british beach hut all the same. We need such shelters from prevailing sea breezes (or even strong winds a lot of the time).