Wrong Window Snapping Behavior

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(DISCLAIMER: I have a three monitor setup with different resolutions)

  • The maximize/restore button isn’t always consistent or correct. When starting from maximized state then dragging down the window to un-maximize, the maximize button requires two clicks before it maximizes again.

  • Maximize/restore does not have the normal ease-in animation.

  • Window does not respect Snap feature in most cases. Window cannot be dragged to the edges of the screen to maximize or snap to a side/corner. Also does not support Windows 11’s Snap Layouts feature.

  • Window snap/move shortcuts not fully working. WIN+Up does not maximize, but the other arrow key shortcuts do work as intended. WIN+Z does not open Snap Assist. WIN+Shift+Arrow Keys mostly works as intended; When the window is maximized and WIN+Shift+Left/Right Arrow is used, the window will move to the other monitor but it fills the entire screen and covers the taskbar.

There’s a Microsoft Learn page called “Support snap layouts for desktop apps on Windows 11” which addresses most of these issues I think.

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Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Would you mind sharing a screen recording illustrating how this creates friction for your workflow?

Oftentimes it is easiest to share a screen recording for issues like this to quickly show me exactly what is happening. I use Loom for screen recordings since this is a free and easy to use app.

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2023-08-03 22-57-49.zip (31.9 MB)

It wouldn’t let me upload the video directly so I’ve put it in a zip file. I hope this shows it well enough.

EDIT: I forgot to show dragging the window into the screen corners which also doesn’t snap properly.

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This is great! Thank you! These are all issues we are looking into.

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