Wrong trimmed videos duration

In VLC playback, my trimmed videos have a correct mark in, but seem to take the mark out of the end of the original video rather than the mark out selected, with no video encoded beyond my mark out.

If I click anywhere beyond my trimmed video duration, the video rewinds to the beginning.

In Premiere Pro, it imports properly.

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Can you share what settings and AI models you applied to the video? I just did a test on my end and the correct In/Out marks were kept. Want to try with the same settings you used to see if its model specific.

Upscale to HD preset (Proteus)

I just tested a few more clips and still have not been able to replicate this. Can you share the logs and clip?

I have the same issue as well with my trimmed video. My settings are set to 60 Fps & Enhancement of video set to Gaia.

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